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Palm Wine Preparation Steps, Benefits & Recipe

Palm is a popular natural beverage produced from the sap of palm trees. It is mostly consumed in West African countries. Palm is best enjoyed when slightly fermented.

It can be consumed in a variety of flavours from sweet unfermented to sour fermented. In Ghana it is locally called nsafufuo and called emu or ogogoro in Nigeria.

In Ghana, palm wine is mostly tapped from oil palm trees and it is rich in nutrients.

In this post, I am going to show you the palm production process, storage and how to make a perfect palm wine cocktail.


Palm wine tapping process

  1. Cut 10 – 15 cm deep into the trunk of the fallen palm tree
  2. Fix a gourd below the cut. The palm wine (sap) is collected into the gourd each day
  3. After sap has been fully tapped, filter the palm wine and pour it inside a big gallon.
  4. Cover it and prepare for bottling and packaging.
  5. Clean class or plastic bottles show be used to store the palm wine.



It is not recommended to keep the palm wine for long overdue as natural fermentation takes place quickly.


Palm wine cocktail recipe.

Ingredients needed.

  • Palm wine
  • Orange or lemon slices
  • Ice
  • Berries (optional)

palm wine
palm wine


  1. Pour some ice into a clean glass.
  2. Pour palm wine onto the ice.
  3. Garnish with fresh berries and orange slices.

Palm wine can be served on occasions and also taken independently at home.


Health benefits of palm wine.

  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications
  • It helps to maintain a healthier skin, hair and nail
  • Palm wine promotes lactation.
  • Palm win improves eyesight. It is rich in vitamin c.
  • Palm wine contains riboflavin, which is also known as Vitamin B2. Riboflavin helps in the fight against some cancer-causing agents called free radicals

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Palm wine good for health?

Yes. Palm wine is rich in several vitamins which is good for our wellbeing.

Is Palm wine an alcoholic drink?

The fermentation process that takes place in the sap of the palm tree makes palm wine alcoholic.

Does palm wine contain sugar?

Palm wine is produced from the sap of palm nut trees. The sap contains amino acids, vitamins and sugar

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